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About Us

About ARES

Established in 2010, ARES has been producing excellent airsoft product, ranging from automatic electric guns (AEG), gas powered guns, spring power guns, grenade launchers, internal & external upgrade part, accessories, and even unique gun rack system.

We aim to satisfy both avid airsoft players and gun collectors.

ARES airsoft guns and products are distinguishably stand out from other competitors on the market, because of our simple and direct technical innovation which is designed and tested in-house by our R&D team. We hold very a high standard of quality, performance and realism on our airsoft guns and products.

ARES is constantly working to improve our product by developing new features and capabilities.


Build your ideal airsoft with innovation

AMOEBA has been creating innovation airsoft since 2014. With the development of innovations and technological know-how, our Electronic Fire Control System opens a new chapter in the airsoft market.

In 2016, AMOEBA Striker series (AS-01) is introduced to the market and became a sensation in the airsoft market. With continuous effort and investments,AMOEBA guarantees to provide the best and exceptional products for airsoft lovers.

About Ares Online Shop

Ares Online Shop is the first official online shop brought to you by Ares and AMOEBA Airsoft.

We have received various inquiries that it is hard to reach our products in some countries, so there is Ares Online Shop!

We ship to all countries those are legal to export airsofts and related product. If there are our featured distributors in your location, we will pass your case to our partner to provide better service.